thoughtful purchasing

we strive to design timeless and effortless garments that can be worn in many ways, for many years. we encourage our customers to make purchases thoughtfully with the following tools:

  • style preview page - we routinely update this guide to upcoming releases! it helps customers plan ahead and learn the new styles, which fabrics they will be offered in, and when they will be available for purchase.
  • textile preview packs - when we are able to, we create textile preview packs: small 4’’X4’’ swatches of our upcoming woven textile design, so customers can see, feel, and learn about each textile before the collection arrives.
  • reviews - our reviews allow our customers to share valuable feedback on styles they’ve purchased, and read input on styles from other reviewers.
  • "pass-it-on" hangtags - we created library-style hangtags to encourage the swapping and passing along of well-loved ace&jig garments. log your name to track and celebrate each garment’s owner history and long lifespan!
  • customer service - we pride ourselves on providing excellent, kind, and personal customer service! if you ever have questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]