we are so excited to offer a better solution to single-use mailers! together with RePack, we are now able to provide an alternative: a reusable and returnable mailer. 

RePack is a circular solution to the ever-growing problem of waste created by packaging. it reduces waste and saves up to 80% of CO2 emissions compared to the traditional linear model of single-use mailers.

by choosing to ship your ace&jig using RePack,  you are actively participating in one of our many sustainable efforts: a circular mailer program. together we can reduce carbon emissions and packaging waste!

how it works!

Step 1:

choose RePack as your packaging option at checkout

at checkout, select RePack as your packaging option. a fee of $2 will be added to your order. 

Repack is currently only available to domestic customers. if you do not choose RePack, your order will still ship in our 100% curbside recyclable mailer.

step 2:

return your RePack

there are two ways to send back your RePack:

Option 1:

keeping your new ace&jig? return RePack only.

check that yourRePackis empty. fold it and seal with the velcro. larger RePacks will need to be folded in three.

make sure that the prepaid Repack return label is visible, and drop it off at your nearest USPS mailing location. 

Option 2:

returning your ace&jig? use RePack to return your unwanted items.

visit returns.aceandjig.us to request a return and print your return label. 

 pack the product to be returned in RePack.
close it tightly with the velcro.

seal the package with tape, affix your return label to the front, and drop your package off at your nearest UPS location.

don't forget to return your RePack!

the impact only begins when you return a RePack for reuse.

step 3


by working together to reuse RePacks as many times as possible, we are actively reducing waste and CO2 emissions, and making this circular program work!

visit the RePack website for more information about how their circular mailer solution is making a difference.

Thank you for participating in this program!

any questions? reach out to us at [email protected].