our process

we care deeply about the way ace&jig garments are made, the people who make them, and the impact they have on the earth.

our aim is to ensure the safety, equitable treatment, and empowerment of those contributing to the creation of our textiles & products, while limiting our environmental footprint wherever possible. this work is ongoing and ever-changing, and we are committed to improving and learning.

ace&jig works closely with partners in India to weave and sew our collections. we custom create our own yarn-dye woven textiles in a lengthy process that takes up to twelve months. our partners share our ethical values and practice the holistic kaizen philosophy of always continuing to improve.

we work closely with this team to develop new textile designs and experiment with new weaving techniques. we collaborate with them to find sustainable ways of minimizing textile waste while upholding our shared standards of production and labor.

our standards

our partners in India uphold our ethical standards and share the following commitments.

Fair Trade Certification™- our partners in India are Fair Trade Certified™. Fair Trade USA works as a 3rd party support system and certifier that promotes and ensures sustainable livelihoods, employee empowerment and community, safe working conditions, and protection of the environment.

Wages & Benefits- all employees are paid fair wages, and benefit from covered health insurance, employer-matched Provident Fund contributions, annual bonuses, and paid time off.

Employee Safety- our partners are committed to ensuring a safe, clean, and healthy workspace for all employees. they follow the Ethical Trading Initiative base code parameters for employee health and safety, and are audited annually to ensure these standards are upheld.

Sustainable Practices -our partners take great lengths to conserve energy, water, and reduce textile waste. this includes using green energy sources and azo-free dyes, organic cottons, recycling waste water, and saving leftover textile scraps to be repurposed into new creations.

Community Empowerment- we have a longstanding partnership with Projecthrive, an initiative in Delhi which empowers women through education, training, and opportunities.

Free Childcare- employees benefit from free on-site childcare.

ace&jig partners must adhere to the following requirements:

zero forced, child, or bonded labor

partners must also practice zero tolerance for any form of forced or bonded labor. all labor must be at-will, and our partners must not use any forced, illegal, prison, debt-bonded, compulsory, or indentured labor in the manufacture and finishing of our products, or engage in human trafficking or slavery.

non-discrimination & harassment

ace&jig partners must practice zero tolerance for discrimation and harassment. employees are not discriminated against during any stage of the employment relationship on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition, political opinion, union affiliation, social group, marital status, pregnancy or any other classification protected by local, national and international law.

freedom of association & collective bargaining

all ace&jig partners’ employees must be free to join organizations of their own choosing. this includes the right to form and join trade unions and other worker organizations and participate in collective bargaining without fear of harassment, interface, or retaliation.

legal and ethical standards

our business relationships are built on a mutual respect for and adherence to all legal requirements and the highest ethical standards. we expect our suppliers to observe international standards and national and local law and regulations, while operating their business.

health & safety

ace&jig partners must ensure that employees are provided a safe and healthy work environment, and must comply with all applicable laws of the locations in which they operate regarding work, sanitation and safety. adequate measures and training must be in place to prevent harm to workers’ health, safety, and well-being.

environmental impact

ace&jig partners must share a commitment to sustainable practices that limit their negative impact on the environment. Their operations and services must adhere to local laws and internationally recognized environmental practices.

Partners must meet all requirements related to chemical restrictions, safely labeling, handling, and storage of approved substances while preventing or mitigating the release of chemicals and hazardous materials.

customs compliance & product safety

ace&jig partners must comply with all applicable customs’ laws and regulations. in addition, all products must meet Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations and requirements and abide by all international restrictions for Hazardous Substances.

covid updates & safety

Our weaving and sewing partners in India have had to frequently reevaluate and make decisions in order to keep their business intact and ensure the safety of their employees. As Covid peaked, they halted production and closed their facilities entirely, and since then they have reopened in stages, only as they are able to ensure the safest possible work environment. This means: 

safety trainings  - employees attend trainings to learn more about the virus, and share information regarding do’s and dont’s for work as well as at home.

PPE - Masks and other PPE are provided and required for all employees.

temperature checks - temperature of every individual is checked prior to entering the facility, and any individual with abnormal temperature is not allowed to enter the facility.

social distancing - our partners maintain proper social distancing by limiting the number of workers, promoting work from home for staff, and staggering working hours. 

workspace & employee sanitization - Sanitizer is supplied for all employees to use. Working spaces are sanitized three times a day. Employee sanitization is required upon entering the building and employees are encouraged to sanitize many times throughout the day. All material and packages entering the facility are sanitized prior to use.

hand dryers - All worker bathrooms have been equipped with hand dryers to avoid any physical contact.

healthcare - All workers are covered under ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation). In case a worker or their family member was to test positive, they will be treated at an ESIC facility free of cost.

We are so grateful for the many measures they are taking to ensure safety, and remain in constant communication with them as things progress.